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15oz Love Prayer Candle

15oz Love Prayer Candle

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Rose and Sandalwood

Delve deep into the mystical with our Love Prayer Candle. Each flicker reveals an alchemical blend of rose and sandalwood essential oils, weaving a tale of passion and grounding warmth. At its crest, delicate rose petals pay tribute to age-old rituals, amplifying the enchantment within. Ignite the senses and kindle heart's desires with this luminous ode to timeless romance.


INGREDIENTS Cotton wick, GMM-free soy wax, organic coconut oil, proprietary blend of organic essential oils, and organic botanicals of rose.

Care Guide

Rich in nutrients, liquid soy wax is safe to smooth onto skin. Trim the wick and burn a full pool of wax each lighting. Plunge wick into liquid wax to extinguish it smoke free.


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