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Full Moon Ritual Kit

Full Moon Ritual Kit

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How the moon brightens each month is a way in which we may illuminate a new path.  We become cleansed and cleared under the full moon's illuminations, and are delivered fresh upon a new day!  Releasing under a full moon, what no longer serves you, is a long-lived ritual.  You will be fully supported with each item in this Full Moon ritual kit.  Combined with a powerful ritual booklet filled with altar suggestions, pages of Full Moon rituals, recipes, steps for casting a circle, incantation, and all kinds of magical moon lore, you'll be transformed by the moon in remarkably new ways - all while deeply honoring the cycles within you.


Full Moon Release Tea Light
Full Moon Ritual Tea
Full Moon Goat's Milk Soap
White Sage | Lavender Bundle
Selenite Spar
Full Moon Resin & Botanical Incense
Full Moon Ritual Booklet

Care Guide


I release what no longer serves me,
both known and unknown.
I release fear.
I release all unhealthy attachments.
I release lack mentality.
I release the need to control the outcome of a situation.
And so it is.

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