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Lammas | Essential Sabbat Ritual Kit

Lammas | Essential Sabbat Ritual Kit

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Lammas is the first harvest of the season and celebrates the union of the God and Goddess, embodied in the great fertility of the land. Largely observed on August 1st or 2nd, the word lammas has its origins in the old English word hlāfmæsse, meaning loaf mass. Hence the ritual of bread baking to honor the wheat harvest. On Lammas, the first sheaves of grain were cut, and by that night, the first loaves of bread for the season would have been baked. All the hard work of the year comes to fruition; the earth is heavy with bounty. As without, so within: Lammas also praises the inner fertility of creativity, fruitfulness, and harvest within the individual.


Lammas | Essential Tea Light
Lammas Bath Soak
Lammas Ritual Tea
Labradorite Pendulum
Pendulum Divination Card
Mugwort Smudge Bundle
Lammas Ritual Booklet

Care Guide


By my hands a legacy
of their labors has been realized -
strong efficient and unwavering

In them rests every reward.
From them flows all life’s generosities.

May I build upon my strengths.
May I build courage in others
by my pure benevolence.

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