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Ostara | Spring Equinox Ritual Tea

Ostara | Spring Equinox Ritual Tea

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We want.  Oh how we want!  It is natural to feel urges of all kinds as the earth stretches itself awake.  Every beautiful budding thing begs we begin anew  And we do - continually - each and every spring. 

Born as a medicinal infusion of plants and roots, the ancient practice of tea making journeyed thousands of years to where it is now - nearly unchanged.  Tea purifies and transforms by heat, nutrients, and energies of chosen plants.  The moment of sipping tea is the magic of how we become changed.  

Our organic botanical and herbal teas honor the flavors and feelings of the human experience.


Organic blend of elderberries, roasted dandelion root, red clover, cassia chips, oat straw, licorice, raspberry leaf, marshmallow root, hibiscus, and nettle leaf.

Care Guide

Slowly pour 1-2 cups boiling water over 1 teaspoon of tea, depending on your preferred strength. Cover and let steep for 3 - 5 minutes before straining. Sweeten to your liking.


I stand upon the earth
and she rises in every
green bursting thing
to greet me.

May I be ready.
May I open without hesitation.
May fresh life show me
how to bloom.

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