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Prosperity Bundle

Prosperity Bundle

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To be prosperous is to flourish.  How this looks to you is a personal thing.  To nurture and grow prosperity in your life however, is a way of living and being in this world - a way which is available to everyone equally. 

Our sacred bundles gather together very specific tools for enacting magic in your life.  Every bundle arrives with its own ritual booklet providing detailed information about each item in your bundle, guiding questions, affirmations and incantations, directions for circle casting, and more!


Spell Jar of Herbs, Roots, Flowers, Dandelion Clock, & Crystal
Sage Smudge
Palo Santo
Quartz Crystal
Gold Candle
Prosperity Bundle Ritual Booklet

Care Guide


The wealth of the earth
is all around me. I open
my hands and my heart
to its plentiful gifts.

I breathe in the winds
of prosperity. I exhale all
limitations. With ease I fell
the flow of good fortune.

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