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Samhain | Remember Sabbat Ritual Kit

Samhain | Remember Sabbat Ritual Kit

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Mingle with spirits, frolic with fairies and tricksters, recollect ancestors, dress up a new aspect of your playful self.  One of the most exciting times of the year, Samhain is dually symbolic for the ending of the season of autumn, and the beginning of a brand new turn in the Wheel of the Year!  Each item in this Samhain ritual kit adds to the magic and mystery of the season, with a ritual booklet filled with spirited rituals for tarot divination, making a root lantern, incantation, casting a circle, recipes for your celebrations and so much more!  You'll want a set for yourself.  And you'll want to gift several to all your friends!


Samhain | Remember Tea Light
Samhain Bath Soak
Samhain Ritual Resin Incense
Samhain Ritual Tea
Pyrite Stone
Palo Santo, Selenite & Gold Chime Candle Bundle
Samhain Ritual Booklet

Care Guide


I hold hands with time,
I pass from one world
Fearlessly into another.

Made plain are the pathways.
The past present and future are
bound by a commingled beauty,

Let me revel in life’s euphoria
even in the face of loss.
Root my life in understanding -
genuine, gentle, and vividly aware.

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