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Sooth Roll On with 100 mg CBD

Sooth Roll On with 100 mg CBD

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Compact and ready to come to your aid, Sooth is the CBD elixir you won't want to be without!  Feel a headache coming on?  Roll on some Sooth to ease it away.  Bump your elbow?  Roll on some relief.  Made with only the best organic oils and CBD, Sooth is the natural aid you'll want to keep in your pocket or purse.  Keep one in the fridge too, for quick cooling ease and relaxation!


Organic essential oils of lavender and peppermint, organic arnica oil, organic copaiba balsam oil, and 100mg of Full Spectrum Spagyric Extraction CBD.

Care Guide

Roll onto specific points of the body for timely and effective relief of muscle pain. Roll in onto forehead to alleviate a headache. Roll on pulse points to enhance relaction.


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