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Yule | Winter Solstice Soy Candle

Yule | Winter Solstice Soy Candle

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Cedar, Frankincense and Pine

Into darkness we plunge as winter draws itself over us.  Soon we reach the apex of a dying year in a single night as it lengthens past all other nights - the Solstice.  In our deepest hush we are given pause to reflect.


Cotton wick, GMM-free soy wax, organic coconut oil, proprietary blend of organic essential oils, organic botanicals, mica, cross roads dust, encasing a crystal charged under a full moon.

Care Guide

Rich in nutrients, liquid soy wax is safe to smooth onto skin. Trim the wick & burn a full pool of wax each lighting. Plunge wick into liquid wax to extinguish it smoke free.


I collect myself inside the dark
calm, quiet, and willing.
I listen deep and watchful.
Within the silence
a luminosity sparks.

May I rest in this delicious lull.
May I fill others and be fulfilled.
Then may I soon turn again
to greet light’s luster freshly born.

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