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Yule | Winter Solstice Sabbat Ritual Kit

Yule | Winter Solstice Sabbat Ritual Kit

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Warm candle light, exchanging handmade items or found gifts, quiet reflection, ushering back the sun with song and feasting!  All the beauty of tradition and new rituals for Yule and the Winter Solstice are here to bring you closer to your heart’s desire for this time of year. 

We wait for the light and welcome it wholeheartedly as it makes its way back on December 21st - the Winter Solstice!  Winter celebrations are as old as time.  Ancient Egyptians honored the return of light by celebrating Ra, the Sun god.  Old Romans reveled for days during the Saturnalia.  The Norse peoples called it Jul, and burned a continuous fire which is believed to be the origin of the Yule Log.  

The Yule Tree, known as the Tree of Life, the World Tree, and via Christianity, the Christmas Tree.  A symbol of longevity, because it remains green through the winter, its evergreen presence is brought into the home to remind us to be calmly persistent and hopeful.  Rituals for Yule and the Winter Solstice include lighting candles. exchanging handmade items or found gifts from the natural world, quiet reflection upon the past year's events, and ushering back the sun with song and feasting. 


    Yule | Winter Solstice Tea Light
    Yule Bath Soak
    Yule Ritual Resin Incense
    Yule Ritual Tea
    Garnet Stone
    Yule Annointing Oil
    Yule Simmer Pot
    Yule Ritual Booklet

    Care Guide

    Every item in this Yule Ritual Kit invites love and warmth into your home, with pages of its ritual booklet filled with crafts for paper snowflakes, orange and clove pomanders, a poignant and celebratory Winter Solstice candle ritual, recipes, affirmations, and so much more!


    I collect myself inside the dark
    calm, quiet, and willing.
    I listen deep and watchful.
    Within the silence
    a luminosity sparks.

    May I rest in this delicious lull.
    May I fill others and be fulfilled.
    Then may I soon turn again
    to greet light’s luster freshly born.

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