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Mabon | Fall Equinox Bath Bomb

Mabon | Fall Equinox Bath Bomb

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Cedar, Frankincense, and Lemongrass

For a perfect moment there is balance.  Every fall, for just a moment in a long year, the day and night are equal.  How like the earth we are in our revolutions around a central core seeking balance.  We do come back to it, revel in it, and find beauty in the dance. 

Long soaks are a pure source of soothing, stress-reducing time.  Utilizing organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, dendritic salt, organic botanicals, and a proprietary blend of organic essential oils encasing a crystal charged under the full moon, our potent pyramid-shaped bath bombs are a balm for sore muscles while detoxifying the body.  You and your skin will be delivered to a place of softness, hydration, and tranquility. 


Sodium bicarbonate, GMO-free corn starch, citric acid, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, dendritic salt, proprietary blend of organic essential oils, organic botanicals, encasing a crystal charged under a full moon.

Care Guide

Dissolve into warm bathwater to soothe sore muscles, detoxify the body, and leave you and your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and relaxed. Take care to remove the crystal from the bath before draining.


I step out onto the land
arms spread widely open.
In equanimity I feel
both light and dark
within and without.

Grant me the grace to move
freely between and through.
Let me be light and show me
how to embrace the shadows.
For I need both to be whole.

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