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New Moon Intention Bath Salt

New Moon Intention Bath Salt

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Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Mint

Auspicious change making of consummate fulfillments. 

The word wish, even as it is formed by the mouth, wafts as a whisper.  It is made of breath, lighter than air.  With the full force of our inner fortitude, we create.  Upon the riot of a new moon's cycling, we can amplify change when we identify and set new intentions.

Recast energy with the clarifying and protective aromatics of rosemary, tea tree, and mint to prepare both the body and mind for setting new intentions and conjuring change.  Swishing salt into a hot bath immediately begins to calm the entire body.  Magic Fairy Candles salts are all made with dendritic salt and organic botanicals, infused with a proprietary blend of organic essential oils.  A crystal charged under the full moon, sits snug within the entire blend to energetically lift your bathing experience to a higher plane.  


Dendritic salt, organic botanicals, proprietary blend of organic essential oils, encasing a crystal charged under the full moon.

Care Guide

Dissolve one to two ounces as the bath fills, Swoosh to distribute. Soak, breathe, enjoy. Take care to remove the crystal from the bath before draining.


I am happy, content, and fulfilled.
I am healed and whole.
I am protected from harm and free of fear.
I possess inner peace and calm

I am awakened, liberated, and free.
I embody peace in this world and throughout the entire universe.
And so it is.

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