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Ostara | Spring Equinox Ritual Resin Incense

Ostara | Spring Equinox Ritual Resin Incense

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We want.  Oh how we want!  It is natural to feel urges of all kinds as the earth stretches itself awake.  Every beautiful budding thing begs we begin anew  And we do - continually - each and every spring. 

Instantly wrap yourself in a moment which connects you to all those throughout the ages honored by wafting tendrils of incense made sacred by time and the human heart.  Our hand blended, resin and botanical incense celebrates the scent and mood of the Sabbat.  


Benzoin and styrax resins with botanicals of lavender, patchouli, and vervain.

Care Guide

Within a fireproof vessel of your choosing, light and burn a charcoal disc until it is white. Then set a small portion of incense atop the disc's established heat to smolder. Leave no smoldering incense unattended until completely consumed and extinguished.


I stand upon the earth
and she rises in every
green bursting thing
to greet me.

May I be ready.
May I open without hesitation.
May fresh life show me
how to bloom.

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