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Self Love Room & Body Mist

Self Love Room & Body Mist

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Rose Geranium, Orange, and Frankincense

To wrap yourself in love.  To be complete and whole and fulfilled.  If one practices living a life of tenderness when it comes to oneself, abundant energetic resources reveal themselves.  Remind yourself of the preciousness of the body you inhabit, the mind you utilize, and the heart you hold dear, by following a way of life which respects and adores the self.  It is possible to be whole.


Distilled water, organic vegetable glycerin, proprietary blend of organic essential oils, encasing a crystal charged under the full moon.

Care Guide

Spritz onto the body for a soothing dose of aromatherapy, or spray into the air for long-lasting air freshening. This completely natural formula contains no fluorocarbons or anything else which may dry out the skin or harm the air we breathe.


May I be free from harm.
May I be safe.
May I be free of suffering.
May I be happy.
May I be healthy and strong.
May I be able to live in this
world happily, peacefully,
joyfully with ease.

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