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Yule | Winter Solstice Ritual Resin Incense

Yule | Winter Solstice Ritual Resin Incense

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Into darkness we plunge as winter draws itself over us.  Soon we reach the apex of a dying year in a single night as it lengthens past all other nights - the Solstice.  In our deepest hush we are given pause to reflect. 


Resins of frankincense and myrrh anointed with organic essential oils of cedar, frankincense, and pine, with botanicals of apple, cinnamon, juniper, and pine.

Care Guide

Within a fireproof vessel of your choosing, light and burn a charcoal disc until it is white. Then set a small portion of incense atop the disc's established heat to smolder. Leave no smoldering incense unattended until completely consumed and extinguished.


I collect myself inside the dark
calm, quiet, and willing.
I listen deep and watchful.
Within the silence
a luminosity sparks.

May I rest in this delicious lull.
May I fill others and be fulfilled.
Then may I soon turn again
to greet light’s luster freshly born.

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